The Reality Behind the False Story of Four AI Robots Kill 29 Scientists


Four AI Robots Kill 29 Scientists during training in Japan has been confirmed as False through several resources. You can also find supportive evidence for this result in this blog post.

But we have to move step by step, so let’s start from the beginning about which lab we are talking about and what the training was there. 

The Origin of News of Four AI Robots Kill 29 Scientists

There is a Viral Video of Linda Moulton Howe explaining the whole story. 

Linda is an American journalist and documentary filmmaker known for her work investigating UFOs and exploring various conspiracy theories. She has received a Regional Emmy award for her documentaries.   

Here’s the viral video. 

Unfortunately, there is only one part of her one-hour-long presentation is present. 

Let’s watch it and then discuss the further details, like where she got that information and what happened afterward. 

Where is the Lab, and What type of training was going on?

This incident occurred in a well-known Robotic Lab in Japan where the robots were being developed for Military purposes. The robots were autonomous, which means they could operate independently. 

How did the 29 Scientists Die? 

Those AI robots killed 29 people by Shooting Metal Bullets. She has said explicitly that Metal Bullets killed them. Furthermore, she said, she didn’t know if there was another kind of buttle present. 

These lines confirm that she had this information from a third party. So the matter of fact is that, who is this third party? 

How the AI Robots were Deactivated after this Incident? 

As this horrifying incident happened, they deactivated two Robots by shutting them down. They managed to put the third robot apart from the scene. But the fourth robot restored itself even stronger after downloading data from the arbitrary satellite. 

Statement of Linda Moulton Howe about the Whistle Blower

In late August 2017, she received a call from a whistleblower in the intelligence world, a former marine still working with the CIANSA, and DIA. She said that she always has notebooks around her so that she may note important things like this, and hence, she noted each statement of him word by word. 

How Does Linda Moulton relate Elon Musk to this incident? 

She said that before this incident occurred, Elon Musk warned us about all these things related to AI. Elon Musk made his statement at the Rhode Island Governers Association meeting just two months before this incident. 

She elaborated that 30 to 33 Governors were present, and Elon Musk was one of the invited speakers. He shared his perspectives as the Owner of Tesla and Space X

He said the greatest problem that scares me the most is artificial intelligence. AI Robots are not going to need sleep. They are not going to have sick leaves. They can do everything better, faster, efficiently, and smartly. He said Artificial intelligence is an existential threat to this planet. Like Chat GPT AI Assistants you can ask everything and get satisfying answers.

Here’s another video that contains all these parts of the conversation.

What can be the actual story behind this? 

Speaking in the light of evidence, all we have is that Four AI Robots Kill 29 Scientists isn’t a true story. Moreover, the government of Japan has also confirmed that no such incident has occurred in any of their Labs. 

Another major thing is that there is no complete video of that Woman, and we have not gotten any evidence from that whistleblower. 

Most people believe this is a false story because there is no proof. Some still think this was an actual incident, but the government wanted to keep it secret. 

If this news had gotten public, people might have been more frightened of AI, which may have affected the new research. Moreover, it is more fishy when Linda says that she knows this will never appear in the news. 

Conclusion of the Story Four AI Robots Kill 29 Scientists

Whether this incident was genuine or fake, we must be prepared for what Elon Musk said. AI is more powerful and can do everything more precisely. 

We should keep ourselves updated with the information on what is happening all around us and how to use AI assistants and AI robots effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Story of Four AI Robots Kill 29 Scientists

No, the story has been confirmed as false by various sources, including the Japanese government.

The story originated from a viral video of Linda Moulton Howe, a journalist known for her work on UFOs and conspiracy theories.

None. There is no official record of the incident, no video footage, and no corroborating evidence from other sources.

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