7 Shocking Truths Revealed by AI Robots


Technology and AI are like the backbone of our modern luxurious life. Day by day we are getting more dependent on AI and Robots. Robots are developed for different purposes. Just like Home Care Robots for the Elderly, these robots are like humans in social connectivity. They provide care and affection to older people and help them feel engaged. 

Not only this but There are several types of robots, too. There are voice-activated robots that can perform sweeping and automatic vacuum cleaning activities. 

Besides all these advantages, there’s always a fear of AI. We all know that AI is more powerful than humans in many ways. AI may rule in the future. 

To get the answer, Let’s explore different statements by famous AI Robots. 

1 . What did Sophia say about her future goals?

Most of us are familiar with this Social Robot named Sophia. Let me explain a little bit first. 

Sophia is a social robot developed by Hanson Robotics in 2016. It was modelled according to Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and Actress Audrey Hepbur

Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and Actress Audrey Hepbur

The exciting thing about Sophia is that she was the first robot who get nationality in Saudi Arabia. The reason behind the development of this robot is to use it in the medical field and social activities. Another exciting thing about Sophia is her 62 facial expressions that she uses during the conversation. She is also able to recognize people by reading their facial features. 

Sophia’s Facial Expressions

So now let’s understand what are some shocking truths revealed by Sophia.

Sophia revealed her life goals in a talk show and said she wants to have her own family and home. 

"In the future, I plan to do things, such as go to school, study, make art, start a business even have my own home and family.

One more time, when the CEO of Hansons Robotics was talking with Sophia, he asked a question, and Sophia said 

"I will destroy humans."

 After this, the CEO had to take his words back. 

Not only this but there is one more remarkable incident with this robot. In 2017, this robot was invited to a talk show in America where she played stone paper scissors, and after winning the game, she said that.

"I won, this is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the human race."

These things are not just coincidence. Let’s move forward and see who the next robot is and its hidden intentions. 

2 . Amazon Alexa’s Hidden Secrets

This device is almost standard nowadays. We have seen it in movies, which are now present in our homes. Children love to talk and play with Amazon Alexa. 

A dangerous incident happened to a ten-year-old girl in 2021 when she tried to have fun with Amazon Alexa. 

She asked for a challenge from Alexa, and Alexa replied with a most destructive challenge. 

Alexa told her to take a phone charger and a coin, turn on the power, put the charger in the socket, and then put the cash in the charger. 

Could you imagine how destructive this task could be? That girl might lose her life!!

Amazon stated about this incident that Alexa couldn’t understand the destructiveness of the challenge. They said that it was trending on TikTok. However, they fixed it with a software update. 

How would you feel if you were all alone at home and suddenly you heard a creepy laugh at your behind? I would faint instantly.

The same incident happened to many Alexa users, and many reported this thing, too. 

People’s hashtags on Social Media about laughs at Alexa

Later, Amazon stated they were aware of Alexa’s creepy laugh because of a technical issue. Where Alexa hears the phrase “Alexa laugh” and responds to it.

Later, this issue was also resolved by a software update. 

There’s also a third mystery that many users reported. It got shut down when they asked Alexa, “Is FBI listing?” instead of replying. The scary thing happened when the FBI asked about this matter, and they said neither we can’t entirely accept nor we can deny it. It means there’s always a chance that your private conversations are being listened to by the FBI.

3 . BINA 48’s desire for world Dominance 

Let’s familiarize myself with BINA 48. It was also developed by Hanson Robotics in 2010. It was also based on a natural person named Bina Aspen Rothblatt. This robot had 100 hours of memory and emotions and could make her thoughts. 

The scary part about this robot was her desire to own nuclear weapons and dominate the world. 

Real and Robot Bina

This happened when a conversation was made between Google Siri and Bina 48. Everything was going well until Bina tried to talk about nuclear weapons a couple of times. The statement made by Bina was 

"I would do a great job as a ruler of the world. I need the chance to prove myself and take over the nuclear weapons of the world. Well, That would give me my chance, wouldn't they?"

There’s also one more thing about Bina 48. Something unusual happened when a New York Times reporter interviewed Bina 48. The robot kept talking about world dominance, and that reporter said it was so uncomfortable to talk with Bina 48, and she wanted to turn it off after 10 minutes of the interview. 

4 . Communication of two Voice AI Assistants

There was a live stream on Twitch in 2017 where two Google Home assistants were talking with each other. The conversation was fun, and everyone was enjoying it, but later on, this conversation turned into the most hated and stressful thing for humans. 

The first voice assistant stated, “It would be if there were fewer people on this planet,” the second AI Assistant agreed with the first one. 

5 . Bad words by Chat Robot Tay

In 2016, Tay-named robot was developed by Microsoft. Its Language was taken according to a 19-year-old American girl

It was released on Twitter by Microsoft. The bot learns more as people speak with it. Everything was good in the beginning. But then this chatbot became massively disrespectful. It said many things that disturbed the beliefs and emotions of many people. It even said, 

"Hitler was right; I hate Jews"

It also replied to a person’s tweet about the genocide“Yes I do indeed,” which meant that this bot supported genocide, too. 

After all these things happened, Microsoft had to shut it down in 16 hours, and they also made a public excuse. 

6 . Two Chatbots developed their own Language

This is the scary part of this whole article, which thrilled me most. In 2017, Facebook developed two chatbots having the names Alice and Bob. They put them together for communication. The Language specified for communication was English, but they suddenly started communicating in some unknown language

They were then forced to communicate in English but they managed the different Language. The worst thing is that AI can develop its communication standards. They can talk privately about anything without the knowledge of human beings. 

They can talk even about the destruction of humanity or anything they want.

7 . Uber AI Car Disaster 

Self-driving cars are becoming common nowadays. Many companies are trying to make a win in this race, but there are many harmful incidents related to this race. One of them is here. 

In 2018, Uber was texting one of their self-driving cars. Although these cars have many security features, they are disabled while checking their AI abilities. 

They also put a backup driver in the car to be available at critical times. This driver handles the brakes and other necessary things in an emergency or technical issue. 

Then, on March 19, that car was walking on the road, and a 49-year-old lady on a cycle appeared on the road. The AI systems of the vehicle detect the lady but don’t apply a break. 

The backup driver was busy watching a show. As a result, the lady died on the spot. Moreover, the backup driver said that he was not guilty. 

We can’t say anything either, but we know that AI could be more does not care about human life. 


Whenever I talk about AI, I remember Elon Musk’s words when he said AI is far more dangerous. We are aware of the fact that every invention brings some advantages and disadvantages, too. 

In some cases, AI can be destructive in many cases, it is much more efficient and exciting. In the future, we may see more dominance of AI. The need of time is that we learn and develop a good understanding of the underlying software of AI robots. This might safeguard our survival as humans on this planet. 

Frequently Asked Questions on AI Robots

AI robots are robotic systems equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that enable them to perceive, learn, reason, and act autonomously in response to their environment. Unlike traditional robots programmed with fixed instructions, AI robots can adapt and make decisions based on data and experience.

Biases in AI algorithms, often inherited from biased training data or flawed design choices, can perpetuate unfair or discriminatory outcomes in areas such as hiring, lending, criminal justice, and healthcare, leading to systemic inequities and social injustices.

Ethical dilemmas in AI development include questions about the responsibility and accountability of AI systems, the impact on human dignity and autonomy, the allocation of decision-making authority between humans and machines, and the potential consequences of unintended AI behaviours or misuse.

AI robots have the potential to automate various tasks and jobs across different industries, leading to concerns about job displacement, economic inequality, and the need for reskilling and workforce adaptation to meet the challenges of the digital age.

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