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Stephen Hawking’s Party Invitation for Time Travelers

In 2009, Stephen Hawking hosted a party for time travellers at the University of Cambridge. This wasn’t just a playful idea, it was a way for him to make us think about time differently. Hawking wanted us to consider that time might not just go straight from the past to the future. Instead, it could be like a place we can move around in. So, by inviting guests from the future, he was saying that time might not be a simple line, but more like a space that we can travel through.


Whatsapp Ai Assistant Announced by Meta

For tech fans, Meta introduced the super cool features in WhatsApp. WhatsApp Ai assistant which is like a smart chatbot that assists you to manage your whatsapp chats. Meta announced this feature at an event called Meta Connect 2023, and they’re planning to bring some serious brainpower to WhatsApp, which is already a popular messaging app.