What is an Automatic Watch?

What is an automatic watch

In the world of technology gadgets, there are two families of watches. One of them are mechanical watches while others are automatic watches. Usually, whenever we purchase watches, our prime focus is on their looks, and we never focus on what movement it’s working on. But it’s an essential component of a watch. There are three types of movements: manual, automatic, and quartz. Today, we will talk about the automatic watch. 

How Does an Automatic Watch Work?

The automatic watch has a slight metallic piece, called a rotor, on the back of it. It moves when you move your wrist. The movement of this rotor moves and winds the watch automatically. That’s why an automatic watch doesn’t require manual winding. The automatic watch can also be defined as a self-winding timepiece. This watch is more efficient than a mechanical watch in terms of greater accuracy. 

How an Automatic Watch Works
How an Automatic Watch Works

5 Things You Should Know about Automatic Watches

If you haven’t bought a mechanical or automatic timepiece before, these are the five things you should know before buying the watch. 

No Manual Winding 

One of the best advantages of an automatic watch is no manual winding. As we have discussed earlier it has a rotating metal weight called a rotor that automatically winds with the movement of your wrist. It’s like a magic on your wrist. 

Maintenance Costs

The automatic watch has no manual gears and springs that wear down and require frequent lubrication and oiling. So, an automatic watch has a minimal maintenance cost compared to mechanical watches. Buying an automatic watch is quite an efficient option. 

Automatic watch

Convenience and Reliability

Since the automatic watch is self-winding, you don’t have to take the frustration to wind it or set the timing every day. It is such a convenient watch that you must strap it on and wear it as long as you want. 

Accuracy and Precision

Automatic watches are well-known for their accuracy and precision. The watch is assembled using complex mechanical movements to provide accurate timing. You don’t have to keep setting the time again and again. It is just like a watch you wear once and don’t worry about setting its time as it remains pretty accurate. 

Style and Status

In the modern era of digital creators, automatic watches are considered a symbol of style and status. It compliments the overall look by adding a touch of elegance to your personality. An automatic watch is a perfect match to elevate your style to the next level. 

The Difference Between an Automatic and Mechanical Watch

Mechanical WatchAutomatic Watch
The significant difference is that mechanical watches require mechanical or hand winding to track the time. An automatic watch works on an automatic winding, or self-winding mechanism means no manual winding. 
Mechanical watches are usually considered less accurate. An automatic watch is mainly considered to have more accurate and precise measurements. 
Mechanical watches have a shorter power reverse and it must be winded more often. Automatic watches have a higher power reserve as they keep running as long as you wear them. 
Mechanical watches require regular maintenance because of the manual winding. Automatic watches have self-winding, so they don’t require regular maintenance. 
Mechanical watches are comparatively less expensive. Automatic watches are more expensive due to their convenient design and complexity. 


An automatic watch is a fashion statement but buying it is a personal choice based on what are your preferences, affordability, and style. But if you prefer low maintenance costs, more accuracy, and convenience then buying an automatic watch can be a perfect addition to your collection. Always remember to consult a professional watchmaker’s guidelines to know about the functionality and complexity before buying an automatic watch. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Automatic Watch

An automatic watch can never run flat unlike the battery-powered watches. If the power reserve becomes empty, it can start ticking after few turns of crown.

Automatic watches don't have batteries like the quartz watches.

A high-quality and maintained automatic watch can last a lifetime.

As automatic watches retain their value over time, it is a good investment to have one.

Some of the best automatic watches in the market are Tissot, Seiko, and Orient.


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