How to Customize Chat GPT? 5 Most Useful Custom Instructions 


ChatGPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has recently rolled out a fantastic feature known as “Custom Instructions“. This feature is a game-changer as it allows users to provide initial context or instructions for ChatGPT, which it will then remember throughout the conversation.

First, this feature was only available to Plus users in the U.S., but now it has been officially provided to each user of Chat GPT.

My Experience with Customized Chat GPT

The introduction of customizing ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me. It’s like having a personalized assistant that remembers my instructions for every new conversation. Now, I can work faster as this feature saves your instructions for all new chats. 

Seems Exciting, huh! 

How to Access Custom Instructions on Laptop?

Access your Chat GPT account by signing in or creating a new account if you are a new user. If you have added a bookmark like me, you have to click on it, and you will get the following window.


1. Click on the open sidebar option to expand all settings.


2. Go to the left-bottom corner to find your profile information. Click on the three dots, and a small menu will pop up. Click on the Custom Instruction button as shown below.  


3. By clicking on it, two boxes will appear. These two boxes are a game changer; you can add custom instructions here. The first box is where you tell chat gpt about yourself and your works, and the second is used for how you want chat gpt to respond. 


First Box – Tell About Yourself

It helps chat gpt to understand your tasks more accurately. Try to be as detailed here as you can. Chat gpt offers 1500 words here so you can be as straightforward as possible. 

I have used more than 500 words and explained all about my roles. I do writing-related tasks most of the time, so I have added the names and niches of each website I work for. 

The following image shows which type of content you can put in the first box. 


Second Box – How You Want Chat GPT to Respond 

Here you can customize each task that you want to do chat gpt. Rather than explaining the desired output every time you ask chat gpt, you can add it here by giving a name to it. 

Just like I have customized it for SEO titles, whenever I ask for titles, it will give me ten informative SEO-optimized articles with meta descriptions. 

The following image explains how chat gpt allows you to use this box.


5 Useful Custom Instructions Guides

1- How Content Marketers and Writers Can Use Custom Instructions

This field can be highly benefited from custom instructions of chat gpt. The gpt is a language-based model, so it can do most of the writing tasks. 

Let’s explore it with the following example.

Generating an SEO-Optimized Blog Post Outline

Custom Instructions

When I ask you to provide me KW ideas for a topic, you must present the output in a tree format. The most important KW should be at the top, and the remaining 4 will be adjusted accordingly.

Output without custom instruction


Output with custom instruction


2 – How Digital Marketing Strategists Can Use Custom Instructions

Digital marketing strategists can harness the power of custom instructions with ChatGPT to refine their marketing campaigns and strategies.

Let’s its example too.

Crafting Targeted Pitch Lines for Potential Sellers

Custom instruction

When I ask you to provide me with pitch lines for selling my products, you must provide the output in a tabular format. The first column should have the pitch line, the second column should have the significance of the pitch line(i.e. focus point), and the 3rd column should tell CTR for that pitch line.

Output without custom instruction


Output with custom instruction


3 – How Language Translators Can Use Custom Instructions

Language translators can utilize custom instructions with ChatGPT to enhance the accuracy and context of translations. 

Here’s an example:

Translating a Personal Letter

Custom Instruction 

Translate a heartfelt letter from English to Spanish. Use a warm and friendly tone, as if addressing a close friend. Capture the emotions and sentiments of the original letter while ensuring fluency in the translated version. Here, I am not providing proof because I am unaware of Spanish. So any person who knows Spanish and English should try this Custom  Instruction. 

4 – How Educators and Trainers Can Use Custom Instructions

Educators and trainers can use custom instructions to create study materials like quizzes efficiently. By specifying the topic, question types, and target audience, ChatGPT generates a quiz that aligns with educational objectives. They must add the subject whenever they want an examination, and the customized Chat GPT instruction will help them. 

Here’s an example of such a quiz. 

A study quiz on “Ethics” for Class 10th Students

Custom Instructions

When I ask you to prepare short questions for any topic, make sure you add the Teacher Name, Tasneem Kubra, and Class: 10 F on every test, and there should be two columns for student name and roll no.

Output without custom instructions


Output with custom instruction


5 – How Social Media Managers Can Use Custom Instructions

For social media managers, custom instructions can help create captivating content. ChatGPT produces engaging captions that align with the brand’s voice by specifying platform, tone, and content details.

Let’s understand with an example.

Crafting Engaging Instagram Captions

Custom Instruction 

when I ask for social media captions also provides me with hashtags in a proper tabular format.

Output without custom instruction


Output with custom instruction


Advantages of Using Custom Instructions

  • ChatGPT understands exactly what you want and gives you accurate replies.
  • Instructions help you work faster by telling ChatGPT what you need upfront.
  • Make ChatGPT talk the same way every time, just like you want.
  • ChatGPT gives you answers just for you, like having your own helper.
  • Use instructions to be Creative and think up cool ideas for stories or drawings.
  • ChatGPT chats how you want, making your conversations fun for your friends.


Chat GPT’s customized instructions are no less than allowing you to have a virtual AI assistant. This assistant never demands a salary and does not get tired or demand holidays. 

All we need is to understand how to tell it about our work and get assistance from it. Follow the steps above and the examples to make it work for you. You can ask everything from Chat GPT like 3D printing designs every single thing you want.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Customize Chat GPT?

Yes, using ChatGPT Custom Instructions is safe and designed for responsible interaction.

Training ChatGPT with custom instructions takes little time; it adapts quickly.

There’s no strict limit; you can provide multiple custom instructions to ChatGPT.

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