Can you bring Portable Chargers on a Plane?


Yes, you can bring portable chargers on a plane, but they must be packed in your carry-on luggage or carried on your person.

The reason behind doing so is that most portable chargers contain lithium ion or lithium metal batteries. The risk of thermal runaway or fire is high if these are damaged. A proper response is nearly impossible if such things happen in your checked luggage.

However, it is also essential to understand the rules and regulations imposed by different airlines.

FAA and TSA Recommendations

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) allows you to take portable chargers on the plane

The FAA says you should only keep spare lithium-ion batteries, like portable chargers, in your carry-on bag. The TSA adds that you can either put portable chargers in your carry-on bag or carry them with you, but you can’t put them in your checked bag.

Ensure your portable charger is turned off and protected so it doesn’t accidentally turn on. Knowing these rules might change is essential, so it’s a good idea to check the FAA and TSA websites for the latest information before you travel with your portable charger.

Size and Quantity Restrictions

Size and Quantity Restrictions

It is recommended to have portable chargers and power banks of 100 watt-hours or less. You have to know the watt-hours of your battery. You can use the following formula or check the manual for your product. 

Watt-hours = Voltage x Amp Hours

Now let’s consider we have a battery with 10 volts and 20 Ah, so the watt-hours of our battery will be as follows:

Watt-hours = 10 volts x 20 Ah = 200

This is more than 100 watts, so it should not be kept during flight. If it is necessary to take them, you must ask for special permission from your Airline.

If we talk about the quantity, many airlines allow you to have 2 portable chargers at max. You need to ask for permission if either is more significant than 100 watts. 

TSA recommends placing portable chargers in carry-on bags to ensure they are easily accessible for inspection. Keeping portable chargers in their original packaging is also suggested to facilitate the screening process. While not mandatory, labeling the device with the capacity (in watt-hours) can help security personnel assess compliance.

Different Airlines and their limits on Portable Chargers

Wh rating or lithium metal contentConfigurationCarry-on baggageChecked
<100 Wh / 2gIn equipment(PED or PMED),
Spare battery(ies)
Yes(max 15 PED/PMED),
Yes(max 20 spare batteries)
No batteries
No batteries
>100 to <160 WhIn equipment(PED or PMED),
Spare battery(ies)
Yes(max 2 spare batteries)
No batteries
>160 WhMust be prepared and carried as cargo in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
>2g < 8gIn equipment(PMED only),
Spare batteries for PMED
Yes(max 2 spare batteries)
No batteries

Best Practices for Traveling with Portable Chargers

Best Practices for Traveling with Portable Chargers
  1. Read and check the rules for portable chargers of the specific Airline you travel.
  2. Ensure your portable charger’s capacity meets TSA and Airline guidelines.
  3. Always take your portable charger with you in a carry-on bag.
  4. Keep your charger in the cabin instead of putting it in checked luggage.
  5. During the flight, make sure your charger is off and secure.
  6. Keep your portable charger in its original packaging if possible.
  7. Be cautious of extreme temperatures affecting your charger’s performance.
  8. Safeguard devices with surge protectors when charging.
  9. Bring the necessary cables for your devices.
  10. Label your portable charger with contact information for easy identification.


As for now, we know that bringing a portable charger on a plane is allowed. But still, we should always read our Airline’s guidelines beforehand. We may need to pay attention to many things during our packing. 

Regarding portable chargers, you should always pack them securely and take care of them during flying. If they get broken, they can cause severe issues for all passengers. So use them securely as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions on Portable Chargers

You can bring up to 2 portable chargers as long both are under 100-160 watts.

If your portable charger is confiscated at security, it will not be returned to you.

Yes, there are size limits. You can check them from your AirLine, or in general, you can bring a portable charger up to 100 watts.

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