15 Safety Gadgets for Women


I have realized that women’s safety is such a topic that only a few people have genuinely talked about it. Research shows that women have a much higher level of fear of using public transportation. Women don’t feel safe while hearing such researchers. So, no worries! We got you! Although we cannot change criminal mindsets, we can carry safety gadgets, acting as our bodyguards! 

In the crime world, let’s talk about the best tech safety gadgets for women for safety and peace of mind. Let’s empower women and give them the confidence to live freely in the world. 

You will be mind-blown to learn how technology is integrated into safety gadgets to make them our all-time best bodyguards. These safety gadgets are introduced to make women unstoppable in achieving their dreams and goals. We have made the list of these safety gadgets by doing hours of research and customer satisfaction reviews. So, let’s dive in and explore these!

1. Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

Want to walk or travel at night but not feel safe? Personal alarm to the rescue. Multiple brands are offering amazing quality personal alarms but the sole purpose is women’s safety. It has a loud siren to help detect an attack. Just remove the top pin to activate the alarm. It can easily catch the attention of surrounding people. It comes in a portable size which women can easily carry in their purses or as keychains. Some of the best types of personal alarms are: 

  1. Hootie Personal Keychain Alarm
  2. Spartan Defense The Original Self-Defense Siren
  3. Vigoroad Safe Sound Personal Alarm 
  4. Thopeb The Original Self Defense Siren 
  5. The Original Personal Safety Alarm 

2. Pepper Spray 

Pepper spray is a very basic safety gadget. It is very reliable and portable. The best part is whenever you feel that something mishappening is about to happen you can spray it and the person in front of you will become blind for some time. You can easily carry it with you. Some of the popular types of pepper spray are:

  1. Fogger
  2. Stream 
  3. Gel
  4. Foam 

3. Stun Gun 

We all know the stun gun safety gadgets. It gives a strong shock to your enemy and it can also temporarily make the person parallelize for some time. A Stun gun is considered a very effective safety tool. Some of the stun guns come as a complete package in one. It contains a strong flashlight + stun gun + pepper spray all in one. The stun gun is activated with one click. There are multiple types of stun guns on the market. Some of these are given as

  1. Double Down Stun Gun
  2. Knuckle Stun Gun
  3. Guard dog IVY Stun Gun
  4. Walking cane stun gun
  5. Guard dog Olympian 

4. Taser 

It is a safety gadget for women. The taser gun comes with a charger and a carrying case. The taser gun consists of multiple features some of which include a sharp torch and a shock-giving feature. The shock features works by generating an electric impulse into the human body. It does give a sharp shock but it is not life-threatening as it is an impulse. Make proper use of it only when you are in a dangerous situation otherwise don’t play with this gadget.  

5. Self-Defense Keychain

Self-Defense Keychain

Self-defence keys are very portable to carry. They are similar to a keychain. It contains a string and when you pull the string a very loud sound is generated. It keeps on generating until you put back the string. The sound is 140 dB which is quite loud to make the surrounding people attentive. A self-defence keychain is a very reliable safety gadget. 

6. GPS Tracker 

The GPS tracker is another super-hit gadget for women’s safety. Its purpose is to track the location immediately where any incident is happening. It is a device that on a click sends location to the smartphone. In today’s digital world, GPS trackers are very compatible with smartphones. Some GPS trackers also have an integrated shock-giving option. It provides women with complete safety. 

7. Personal Safety Apps  

There are multiple personal safety apps developed to provide women the confidence to move freely and independently. There is an app called My Safety Pin, you can easily install this app on your mobile. This app gives you multiple facilities out of that one it can suggest the safest route to reach somewhere. Moreover, there is a setting in your smartphone that helps with safety measures. Whether it’s an Android or IOS you can enable a setting then by clicking a few times on the power button, your location or a call is transferred. 

8. Emergency Whistle 

There are multiple types of emergency whistles to buy. But buy the one which has the quality and is user-friendly. The emergency whistle has a very sharp sound without the rattling. It has a very high sound intensity that can be heard from a good enough distance as well. Women often use it as a safety gadget in their everyday lives. 

9. Doorstop Alarm 

Doorstop Alarm

The doorstop alarm has a rubber bottom and takes a 9-volt battery. The design of the doorstop alarm is very flexible. Low, medium, and high levels of sensitivity are available. If your carpet is thick, you can adjust it accordingly. You can put it under your door and if someone tries to break in, it will stop the door from opening and also start producing a very loud sound. As long as you don’t turn it off, it remains active. It is very portable to carry. If you are traveling then you can easily carry it in your purse.   

10. Personal Safety Jewelry

Multiple safety gadgets look like jewelry and they can do everything from making loud noises to giving shocks. It is an innovation in which technology is made wearable for safety measures. If you are going out for some shopping or walking home from a class at night, you can wear some of these jewellery pieces to ensure your safety. It can be chains or bracelets of different beautiful styles. These help you send your live location, call the emergency number, or also able to play a prerecorded call. These personal safety jewelry look stunning and have multiple hidden features. 

11. Home Security System

A home security system is easy to understand as multiple sensors and cameras are all connected to a central hub to provide safety to your home. It consists of different components like a control panel to detect whether a window or door is opened or closed, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and a siren. If the system detects any danger it will notify you or any professional to take action. You can easily get it installed in your home from a professional. 

12. Mace

Mace comes in various forms, including pepper spray mace, gel mace, and foam mace. Each form has its unique features designed to maximize effectiveness while minimizing risks. To use mace effectively, aim for the attacker’s eyes, practice using it, understand the local laws, keep it accessible, and maintain its proper working condition. By familiarizing yourself with these aspects, you can confidently rely on mace as a personal safety tool.

13. Stun Baton 

Stun batons vary in length, usually between 12 to 24 inches. Longer options offer increased reach to maintain distance from potential attackers. However, they may be less convenient for tight spaces or manoeuvrability. The power of a stun gun is measured in milliamps (mA), with higher ratings providing stronger electric shocks for better deterrence. Safety features and user comfort should also be considered when selecting a stun baton. These devices are designed for portability and ease of use, often featuring holsters for storage and simple activation mechanisms.

14. Self-Defense Pen 

Self-Defense Pen

Self-defence pens offer dual functionality as both a writing instrument and a safety tool. They typically conceal a sharp metal tip or a small stun gun within their design. Designed to resemble regular pens, they provide discreetness and ease of carry. The safety mechanism is usually simple, like a twist or slide function that activates the self-defence feature. Lightweight and compact, these pens can be conveniently stored in pockets, bags, or even attached to a keychain, making them suitable for everyday carry.

15. Portable Personal Safety Device 

Portable personal safety devices, like smart jewellery or wearable gadgets including alarms, offer various features to enhance security. These may include panic buttons, GPS tracking, and two-way communication. Some devices can send alerts to emergency contacts or trigger loud alarms for attention. Ease of use is crucial, with most devices featuring simple controls, such as buttons or touch-based interfaces, for activation during emergencies. Integration with smartphones is another aspect, allowing users to customize settings, track their location, and manage emergency contacts through a connected app. This integration also enables the device to work in harmony with other safety features on the smartphone, such as automatic location sharing.

Additional Tips for Staying Safe

Here are some pro tips that could be very helpful to stay safe. 

1. Awareness and mindfulness in daily life

Try to be aware of the people in your surroundings in everyday life. Being mindful of your environment will help you to be confident of your safety and reduce the chances of any incident. 

2. Learning basic self-defense techniques

Every woman out there should learn basic self-defence techniques. It not only makes you physically strong but also mentally strengthens and sharpens you.

3. Sharing location with trusted contacts

Whenever you are travelling alone or at a new place, always share your location with trusted contacts. You can also enable the settings in your mobile which will send location to your contacts automatically on pressing the power button a few times. 

4. Trusting your instincts and being assertive

Always trust your gut feelings and make decisions that feel right to your gut level. Trusting your instincts and being assertive are essential aspects of staying safe at any location. 

Tips on what to look for in safety gadgets 

There are some must-have options you should look for in safety gadgets before buying them. These are:

  • Ease 
  • Battery life  
  • Loudness
  • Drop Test
  • Waterproof  
  • Response time  


Safety gadgets have become essential tools for women to ensure their well-being and confidence. By incorporating these gadgets into our daily lives, we can create a safer environment and take charge of our security. Remember, investing in safety gadgets is not just about fearing the worst but empowering ourselves to face any situation with preparedness and courage. Let’s continue to raise awareness about women’s safety and work together to create a world where every woman can live freely without the fear of harm.

Frequently Asked Questions on Safety Gadgets for Women

Yes, many local stores, such as sporting goods stores, camping supply shops, and even some department stores, carry safety gadgets for women. Additionally, there are specialty stores and online retailers that focus specifically on personal safety products.

Consider factors such as your lifestyle, the areas you frequent, and your personal comfort level when selecting a safety gadget. It's essential to choose a device that you feel confident using and that suits your specific needs. Research different options, read reviews, and consult with friends or family for recommendations.

Yes, there are numerous smartphone apps designed to enhance personal safety. These apps can include features like emergency contact alerts, location sharing, panic buttons, and safety tips. Some popular examples include bSafe, Circle of 6, and React Mobile.

Yes, it can be beneficial to educate children about personal safety and the use of safety gadgets. Teach them how to use the devices properly and emphasize the importance of being aware of their surroundings and staying vigilant.

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