10 Exciting Home Automation Ideas for 2024


These are my ten favourite new home automation ideas. Buckle down because some get a little crazy.
I’ve used each one of them every single day since I’ve set them up, and man, how did I ever live without these? It’s a nice mix of automations that were easy to set up and others that were more challenging. But it’s all worth it because I think these automations are amazing.

1. The SwitchBot Blind Tilt for Bathroom Blinds

You might have some ceiling lights that are automated with a motion sensor, and that’s great for the night. But during the day, if you love natural light, which is so refreshing and energizing, and have already installed bathroom blinds but feel heavy pain to open them, here’s a rescue!

You can install a Switchbot blind tilt, which will open the blinds in the morning before you wake up and close them in the evening.

The SwitchBot Blind Tilt for Bathroom Blinds
The SwitchBot Blind Tilt for Bathroom Blinds

I’m using the SwitchBot Blind Tilt as it is a perfect example of home automation ideas. And I like it because it is easy to install. It uses the existing blind wand, and it comes with a solar panel.

2. Showering Automation

Now, what about when you need a shower but this window with blinds is right next to the shower?
Should you just flash everything for your neighbours and all to see?

Bathroom Blinds
Bathroom Blinds

So that’s where this next automation comes in. This is a bathroom light switch; once you turn on the switch, the blinds close, and all the ceiling lights turn on. Then a Spotify playlist starts up on shuffle, and that’s amazing if you love listening to music in the shower.

3. Light Strips in the Bathroom

But it doesn’t stop there. If you don’t have a clock in the bathroom, keeping track of time is not easier. You can have light strips there, so you don’t need a clock. You can use the RGB lights on the light strips as a visual timer for your shower.
Isn’t it an exciting option?

Light Strips in the Bathroom
Light Strips in the Bathroom, home automation ideas

I use these light strips, and it has been great because I use less water and I get ready faster. Once I’m done with the shower, I turn off the switch, and the blinds automatically open back up, and everything goes back to normal. I love it.

4. Front Room Light Switch

If your home is anything like when someone knocks on the door, somehow everything is just pure chaos right then. And you don’t have the lights on the front area because no one goes over there unless there’s a visitor at the front door.

Front Room Light Switch
Front Room Light Switch, home automation ideas

You can use the contact sensor on the front door. That way, when you open the door for a visitor at night, the lights turn on in the front room, so your house doesn’t look like a dark dungeon. It gives the illusion that things are not as chaotic as they are.

5. Automated Dinner Music

Home assistant speakers are amazing! If you’ve been wanting music to be playing more in the background, you can set up an automation to play Christmas music in the evening, and it’s been great. You can also play classical music to calm the kids and put them in a more passive state, so dinnertime is not the crazy zoo that it usually is.

Automated Dinner Music
Automated Dinner Music, home automation ideas

The way it works is if someone is in your family room area in the evening, the motion sensor will trigger an automation to turn down the echo volume and start playing music softly in the background.

6. Garage lights: Home Automation Ideas

Garage automation is one of my favourite automation ever because it fixes a major problem I’ve had for years.
If you want the LED lights on the ceiling to turn on instantly when you enter the garage, either by walking or driving in, you are in the right spot!

I will explain six different ways you can turn on lights.

Garage lights
Garage lights, home automation ideas

The ring security contact sensor on the door going to the garage. The door is going outside, either the garage door opening or the two motion sensors inside.
If you’re wondering why you can’t use just a motion sensor for this, well, the door contact sensors will turn on the lights way faster. This means you are not walking into a dark garage waiting for the motion sensor to see you.

7. Garage Open Light Indicator

Getting numb to notifications is a real thing, and it might happen to you all the time. So, instead of bombarding your phone with notifications that the garage door is still open. You can set up an automation that turns on a little light in your kitchen to red whenever a garage door is open. As a bonus, this is a motion sensor with an RGB light built in.

Garage Open Light Indicator
Garage Open Light Indicator, home automation ideas

It’s sweet. Of course, the light turns off when all the garage doors are closed. I just love this because it’s easy to see, and it’s not annoying.

8. Doors are Open Alert

Now, this next automation is kind of annoying, but on purpose. What if you are getting into bed at night? The sensor under your mattress detects you and triggers automation, which checks to see if any exterior doors, including the garage doors, are still open.

Home Automation Ideas
Home Automation Ideas

Isn’t that unrealistic?

If any door is opened, the echo will tell you which doors are currently open. This is sweet that it tells me the doors that need to be closed, and it feels like your smart home.

9. Morning Motivation

If you are not a morning person, you do feel a million times better when you work out in the morning.
You can make it as painless as possible. When you put on open-ear headphones and turn them on in the morning, it kicks off a few automations. That’s right. The Bluetooth connection is the trigger for the automation. It’s so cool! First, it will start playing your workout Spotify playlist on your phone and even start up a stretching fitness activity on your Apple Watch.

Morning Motivation
Morning Motivation, home automation ideas

You have to do a little setting up, and then you are good to enjoy these automations.

Robot Vacuum

There’s one more automation that runs while you sleep. You see, many crumbs and chunks of dirt could be thrown on the ground during the day. So, you can set the automation and at 1 AM, the robot vacuum is in. If the robot vacuum hasn’t been cleaned that day, it turns on the quiet mode and only cleans the kitchen.

Robot Vacuum
Robot Vacuum, home automation ideas

Then the suction goes back to normal mode for the next time it does a regular clean. Dirt has no match for the smart home.


In conclusion, these 10 exciting home automation ideas for 2024 not only enhance convenience but bring innovation and efficiency to everyday life. From adjusting bathroom blinds to creating a shower experience with music and lighting, each automation meets specific needs. As technology advances, these home automation ideas showcase the endless possibilities of making homes smarter, more responsive, and tailored to individual preferences. I hope that you enjoyed this informative piece of content.

Frequently Asked Questions on Home Automation Ideas

Home automation refers to the use of smart devices, sensors, and technology to control and automate various aspects of a home, such as lighting, heating, cooling, security, entertainment systems, and appliances, for increased convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and security.

Smart thermostats can enhance energy efficiency by learning household preferences, adjusting temperature settings based on occupancy patterns and weather conditions, and providing insights and recommendations for optimizing heating and cooling schedules to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Voice-controlled lighting systems offer hands-free convenience and flexibility, allowing users to adjust lighting settings, dim lights, change colours, and create custom lighting scenes using voice commands via smart speakers or virtual assistants, enhancing ambience and comfort in the home.

Innovative outdoor automation ideas include smart sprinkler systems with weather-based scheduling, soil moisture sensors, and remote control capabilities, robotic lawn mowers for automated grass cutting, landscape lighting with programmable color and intensity settings, and smart gardening tools for monitoring and optimizing plant health and growth.

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