Google Gemini: Is It Better Than Chatgpt4?


This is the world of AI. Make no mistake! Google Gemini is the largest and most capable AI that can process images, video, text, audio, and code. It claims to surpass the top AI chatbots like chatbot, and Microsoft’s co-pilot Bing chat. In this video, I’ll quickly show you what it is and how to use it. 

Google got obliterated by Microsoft’s Blitzkrieg attack in the Great AI War of 2023. Chatgpt 4 captured the zeitgeist of the artificial intelligence age we just entered, and things got so bad for Google that people unironically started using Bing. Google unleashed its highly anticipated Gemini model that beats Chatgpt 4 on nearly every benchmark. 

It is December 7th, 2023 Gemini first became known to the public earlier this year at Google.

Gemini is a large language model Like Chatgpt 4 it’s multimodal which means it’s not only trained on text but also sound, images and video. Google’s first try is insane. It can detect any thing in a video feed and respond quickely.

Three Versions of Google Gemini

Three Versions of Google Gemini
Three Versions of Google Gemini

Google built three versions of Gemini:

Gemini Nano

The nano version of Gemini is the smallest version that runs locally on devices such as Pixel 8 Pro smartphones and will power features such as AI capabilities.

Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro offering has been rolled out to the bar chatbot and will continue rolling out to many more Google products in the coming months.

Gemini Ultra

The largest, Gemini Ultra is designed to tackle complex tasks and will debut in 2024. It will run on their cloud servers and you’ll be able to get access to the API the same way you would as the chat GBT, and most probably at around the same price point.

Google Gemini in Bard

If you’re in the United States you can use Gemini right now in the Bard chatbot.The mid-range version of Gemini Pro is being used.

Google Gemini in Bard
Google Gemini in Bard

With all the improvements Bard has made over the past six months, it is still extremely fast. In spite of this, it’s pretty obvious after using it for a few minutes that it’s not quite as good as Chatgpt 4 Pro. But Chatgpt 4 is nervous about Gemini Ultra and then before it finished Sam Altman pulled a plug giving me this network error. When it comes to benchmarks Gemini Pro underperforms Chatgpt 4 in most situations.

But Gemini Ultra outperforms it in almost every single category. Most notably it’s the first model ever to outperform human experts on massive multitask language understanding.

What’s Hella surprising though is that Gemini Ultra underperforms Chatgpt 4 on the Hella swag benchmark. It’s designed to evaluate common sense natural language by having the AI finish a sentence that’s often vague and ambiguous. For example, a man watches a fire ship video and afterwards feels blank. It’s a job that’s easy for humans to do and a very important benchmark because when an AI can’t do this well it doesn’t feel very human-like. 

Hella swag benchmark
Hella swag benchmark

In Chatgpt 4 I can write a vague prompt filled with typos and somehow it almost always seems to know what I’m talking about. The fact that Chatgpt 4 is doing so much better on Hella swag is Hella concerning, to say the least.

How it’s work

The common question that we have in mind is how they train this beast. They use their newly unveiled version 5 tensor processing units which are deployed in superpods of 4096 chips. Each superpod has a dedicated optical switch which allows data to transfer quickly between the pods to train in parallel.

Large chips

Then they can dynamically reconfigure into 3D tourist topologies, in other words, they can shape-shift into doughnuts to reduce the latency between chips and the scale of Gemini Ultra is so large that they had to communicate between multiple data centres.

The paper also describes the training data set which includes everything you can find on the internet including web pages and YouTube videos as well as scientific papers and books.

They filter for quality and then use reinforcement learning through human feedback to fine-tune the quality and avoid hallucinations. The Nano and Pro models will be available on google cloud on December 13th but the Gemini Ultra Pro Max won’t be available until next year.

Google Gemini Amazing Test Results

Draw anything like draw a duck, then the AI tells him it’s a duck. It is a duck. This is mind-blowing. And it can do that in multiple languages. What’s crazy though is that it can keep track of things in an ongoing video feed.

Duck Drawing
Duck Drawing

It plays the game of finding the ball under the cup and even after the cups are scrambled up it still knows where the ball is. 

Cup Game
Cup Game

It can even connect the dots which makes my five-year-old obsolete. 

Doted Picture
Doted Picture

It also does multimodal outputs like it can generate images on the fly like stable diffusion.

Different outputs
Different Outputs

It can even generate music based on a prompt. And not just text to audio but image to audio.

Image to Audio
Image to Audio

It’s an logical model. It’s also good at creating logics and spatial reasoning. 

Logical Operations
Logical Operations

These two pictures are given to it and it’s able to tell you which car will go faster. how amazing! the answer based on the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Rough Car designs
Rough Car designs

In the future, a civil engineer will be able to just take a picture of some land then the AI can instantly generate some blueprints for a bridge.

Bridge on a River
Bridge on a River

However, there is some more bad news for programmers. Google also unveiled Alpha Code 2 which performs better than 90 % of competitive programmers. And we’re talking about programmers solving highly complex abstract problems like you might find in code forces competitions. Like any good programmer, Alpha Code 2 can break down problems into smaller problems using techniques like dynamic programming.

Google Gemini Vs Chatgpt 4

Google Gemini Chatgpt 4
Gemini AI leans towards task-oriented language processing, making it ideal for applications that demand precise instructions.Chatgpt 4, on the other hand, thrives in open-ended conversations, making it a preferred choice for dynamic interactions.
Google Gemini AI’s adaptive learning allows it to refine its performance based on user interactions and feedback.Chatgpt 4 focuses on enhancing conversational depth, enabling more nuanced and contextually rich conversations.
Google Gemini AI is very fast and accurate in image recognitionChatgpt 4’s prowess lies in its multimodal capabilities, allowing it to process and generate content in diverse formats.
Gemini AI excels in scenarios where quick decision-making is paramount. This makes it a preferred choice for applications requiring instant responses, such as financial transactions and real-time analysis.Chatgpt 4’s strength lies in its ability to handle complex conversations. Its slightly longer response times are offset by its capacity to provide more contextually aware and thoughtful replies, making it suitable for interactions that demand depth and understanding.
Offers a robust platform for customization and training, allowing businesses to fine-tune the model to their specific needs. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for industries with unique language or image recognition requirements.while offering customization, might not be as versatile as Gemini AI in terms of adapting to highly specialized tasks. Its strength lies in its broad applicability across conversational domains, making it an excellent choice for general-purpose language generation.
With Google’s commitment to data security and privacy, Gemini AI is designed to prioritize user confidentiality. Its robust encryption measures and adherence to privacy standards make it a reliable choice for businesses handling sensitive information.As with any AI system, data privacy is crucial. OpenAI, too, emphasizes user privacy and takes measures to ensure data security. However, businesses must carefully evaluate and implement additional safeguards based on their specific privacy requirements.
Widely integrated across industries, from healthcare to finance, Gemini AI’s adaptability to diverse sectors makes it a versatile solution for a broad range of applications.While also applicable across various industries, Chatgpt 4 particularly shines in sectors where rich, contextual conversations are essential, such as customer support, content creation, and educational platforms.


Technology growing very fast. We can do our daily tasks easily with the help of AI assistants. These AI Assistants or tools use high and advanced algorithms of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. the race for AI started in this century and become very powerful now. Google Gemini is the best smart AI assistant which can do anything for you. you can get results by giving it rough input of any type like audio, video and text. it guides you and gives suggestions which are more accurate and satisfying than any other AI tool or assistant.

In the Future Google Gemini will become more powerful and come with more mind-blowing features. It looks like a miracle, completely beyond our thinking!

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Gemini

Google Gemini is an AI chatbot by Google, differing from ChatGPT-4 by integration with Google's ecosystem and services.

Key features include personalization, vast knowledge graph access, and seamless integration with Google tools.

Competing with other chatbots, Google Gemini stands out due to Google's AI expertise and service integration.

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